Field Services Position


  1. Basic knowledge of the production cycle for apples, pears and stone fruit
  2. Ability to recruit new growers or add tonnage from existing growers
  3. Ability to work cohesively with outside growers, GOI ranch managers and Warehouse/Office personnel in all phases of the growing, harvesting, storing and packing of apples, pears, apricots, peaches, nectarines and prunes.
  4. Organizational skills and attention to detail
  5. Computer Skills – Excel, Word, Company Data Base
  6. Willingness to walk the blocks
  7. Willingness to drive to ranches in Pasco, Mattawa, Royal Slope, Quincy and points in between.
  8. Ability to carry out a weekly schedule unsupervised
  9. Written and verbal communication skills
  10. June 15th - October 31st  harvest schedule
  11. Attend classes and seminars to remain current with horticultural and technical advancements in the top fruit industry.
  12. Knowledge of Organics and ability to speak Spanish are assets.

Field Staff Responsibilities:

  • Annual Grower Update Sheets and estimates
  • Work with growers to develop annual pack and storage plans
  • Empties to the growers prior to harvest and tracking empty bins post-harvest
  • Communicating harvest timing to receiving
  • Communicate when a storage or packing plan is changed
  • Communicate when growers fruit is packed
  • Work with packing to make sure fruit is packed when the growers expect it to be packed
  • Maturity sampling Outside Growers
  • Communicate delivery and storage information to Receiving
  • Keep track of growers that are using their bins and communicate that to Jaime, Receiving and Grower accounting
  • Work with the growers if there is a problem when fruit is packed or coming out of storage
  • Work with Receiving and Grower Accounting with any questions or issues that arise
  • Deliver harvest advance, advances, closings
  • Work with growers when they request advances
  • Work with growers so pre-paid packing charge requests are communicated to Grower Accounting in a timely way.
  • Work with growers if there are questions or Issues around pool returns
  • Annual Gap Certificates and Organic Certificates
  • Field Gap related questions 
  •  Field general horticultural questions
  • Measure fruit during the growing season – apricots and apples
  • Compile Honeycrisp information for meetings.

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