Our Fruit

We are energized by the dedication and hard work of those who have gone before us as we carry on the tradition of bringing the most delicious and healthful fruit of the Yakima Valley to our neighbors--here and around the world.

APPLE VARIETIES - picked late August to mid-November Braeburn   Fuji   Gala   Golden Delicious   Granny Smith   Honeycrisp   Jonagold  Pink Lady    Red Delicious   Cameos    Romes

PEAR VARIETIES - picked late August to mid-September  Anjou   Bartlett   Bosc 

PEACHES - picked late July to early September

NECTARINES -picked late July to early September

APRICOTS -picked mid-June to mid-August

CHERRIES - picked early June to late July

We grow, pack and store organic and conventional fruit. 

Our fruit is sold wholesale domestically and internationally through our sales partner Washington Fruit Growers.

For general information about fruit varieties, see: Apple Varieties (Washington State Apple Commission) and Fruit in Season (Washington State Fruit Commission).

Click here for more information about safety and sustainability.

FYI-- GILBERT VINEYARDS grows premium grapes for fine wines.